Apartment Rental Rates

Cornwall offers a variety of rental accommodations, including multi-unit apartment buildings, townhomes and single homes. operties, acreages and apartments. Apartment listings can be found in a number of places including online platforms such as Kijiji and Facebook, as well as in newspaper ads. Local rental agencies and property owners may also have dedicated websites.

Vacancy Rate

According to the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation, the vacancy rate for a 1-bedroom apartment for Cornwall in October 2020 was 2.7%, which was close to the Ontario vacancy rate of 3.6%.

Private Apartment Average Rents by Bedroom Type – CMHC

The following chart represents data collected by CMHC via their Rental Market Survey. As such, the values are derived from a sampling of the market. In October 2020, the average apartment rent (across all bedroom types) was $852. This compares to the average apartment rent of $1340 in Ontario communities with population of 10,000+.

Type Oct 2019 Oct 2020
Bachelor $645 $684
One Bedroom $712 $748
Two Bedroom $870 $903
Three+ Bedroom $963 $965

Average Apartment Rentals – February 2021

The following numbers were taken from a quick scan of 33 available properties marketed on a variety of platforms in February 2021. Please note that the small sample size and one-time observation may mean that the following numbers may be influenced by the particular type of properties surveyed, and may not be a completely accurate portrayal of the market.

Type Low Average High
One Bedroom $750 $978 $1575
Two Bedroom $750 $1207 $1900
Three+ Bedroom $1500 $1776 $2095

Accurate information on apartment rental rates is not always regularly available. The above numbers have been provided for information purposes only. While every effort has been made to present accurate information the very nature of housing prices and apartment rental rates means that prices can fluctuate greatly depending on market conditions and other factors.

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