Location Location Location

If they had to choose a place to do business anywhere in the world, North America would top most CEO’s lists due to its educated and experienced workforce, access to transportation and technological networks, established infrastructure, and stable economy.

Studies have shown that Canada offers many cost and quality of life advantages, and Ontario — and the 401 Corridor in particular — is the first choice of most investors.

Cornwall enjoys a strategic location on Highway 401 between Toronto and Montreal, and is just an hour’s drive southeast of Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital. This vital transportation link means that Cornwall companies can ship products efficiently and cost effectively anywhere in North America, including international shipping ports.

Perhaps this is why one of Canada’s largest and most advanced logistics warehouse operations is located in Cornwall — to take advantage of national road and rail shipping networks.

Cornwall is not only part of Canada’s most important transportation network, but we are also a vital node with an International Border Crossing to New York State.

Our strategic location offers our companies advantages that go beyond the movement of goods. Getting to Cornwall is simple via car, train, boat or air. Two international airports are a short distance away, and Cornwall is an important link on VIA’s passenger train service — allowing people here to connect with people anywhere in the world. Check out the Transportation page for more info on passenger rail, bus and taxi services.

And finally, because Cornwall’s quality of life continues to top most site selectors’ lists, its location along the shores of majestic St. Lawrence River adds just one more element to the locational mix. Whether it’s a stroll in our waterfront parks or a boat ride down the river, Cornwall offers one of Ontario’s most natural settings. That said, there is also quick access to vibrant urban culture and world-class entertainment right here, and more just down the road in Ottawa or Montreal.