A new way to work…

As technology brings the world closer together, more and more people are choosing to work outside of the traditional workplace.

Remote work, sometimes called telecommuting, is becoming an increasingly popular option for many Canadians – especially if their work involves working on computers. Today’s hi-speed communication networks means that employees can stay connected to the office digitally while enjoying the benefits of avoiding long commutes.

Cornwall gives you the ability to balance work with your own personal lifestyle needs.

Cornwall is ideally situated for remote workers in Ottawa and Montreal who have the options of alternative workplace arrangements. Cornwall offers affordable housing, a robust fibre-optic infrastructure and short travel times to the big city if you need to attend meetings. Working out of your home office allows you to enjoy the urban amenities of Cornwall such as going for a jog along the Waterfront Trail or take a break at one of our many cafés and bistros.

A lower cost lifestyle

The cost of living in big cities like Toronto Vancouver or Montreal is impacting the quality of life for many young Canadians. In Cornwall the rent for a one-bedroom apartment starts around $900 a month, while the average cost of a house is half of what you would pay in large urban centres. Consider that electricity costs are as much as 25% below other Ontario communities and that you rarely have to pay for parking, and you can see why living in Cornwall may give you a new type of financial freedom.

Co-working space

Sometimes work calls for more structured environments. Remote workers have the option of renting a desk or office from a number of co-working spaces in the city. CREATE is an organization that will soon be unveiling a modern co-working environment in the Historic Cotton Mill district that will provide access to a makerspace and communal office amenities, all in a beautifully restored space along the St. Lawrence River.

Community connections

As a smaller city, Cornwall offers young skilled professionals an easy pathway to connect with their peers. It does not take long for newcomers to be welcomed and invited to collaborate on projects – be it with established organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or one of the many service clubs that put on countless community events.

Cornwall Campus Tour

Get the lay of the land and a feel for the city with a campus style Cornwall Tour to help you decide if Cornwall is the right city for you.  Tours last approximately an hour and can be customized to include the things you are most interested in.

More info

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