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About 20,000 people make up Cornwall’s workforce. These people have found employment in a wide variety of sectors, working for companies large and small, all three levels of government, or for non-government organizations. This section of the website provides a closer look at some of the key sectors that make up the majority of Cornwall’s workforce.

Career Help

Are you looking to change careers? Find a new job? In addition to our Job Board which lists hundreds of available local jobs, our Career Help page provides some added tips and information that you will find useful, along with links to other supporting organizations.

Get to Know Cornwall

Take a quick look at this short video that introduces living – and working – in Cornwall.

Major Employment Sectors

Cornwall is home to dozens of world-class companies. The following info provides a snapshot of the sectors that are leading Cornwall’s economy.

Manufacturing in Cornwall


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Logistics in Cornwall


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Food Processing in Cornwall

Food Processing

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Retail & Restaurants

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Health Care

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Skilled Trades

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Finance & Real Estate

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