Food Processing

Food and beverage processing is the second largest manufacturing industry in Canada in terms of value of production, and is the largest buyer of Canadian agricultural products. Ontario and Quebec account for most of the production with approximately 65% of sales.

Food processing is one of the fastest growing sectors in Cornwall, in part due to Cornwall’s strategic position between 3 of Canada’s largest urban centres – Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

Major Employers

There are a wide variety of companies operating food processing operations in Cornwall. Most of these companies can be found in the Cornwall Business Park, located in the east end of Cornwall.  The following represent the largest employers in the sector as rated by workforce.

  • Olymel (Bacon)
  • Leclerc (Breakfast Bars)
  • Lallemand (Yeast)
  • Rurban Brewing (Craft Brewer)
  • Fairy Sweet (Baked Goods)
  • Mi Cocina (Salsa)

More detail on the above and other major employers can be found in the Cornwall Business Directory,  as well as the Logistics Brochure, two of the many useful documents available for download from the Resources page.

Employment Opportunities

There are a variety of jobs in food processing, ranging from entry-level jobs such as forklift operators to truck drivers to team leader positions. As companies modernize processes to become innovative and compete on a global scale,  they are increasingly adding adding skilled positions that include engineers, mechanics and automation technicians. To view current employment opportunities from Cornwall companies active in the Logistics sector, please check the Job Board:

Future Outlook

Manufacturing continues to change and evolve. Global trends suggest that producing goods in Canada is gaining popularity from a cost and transportation point of view, especially as technology and innovation drive positive results in the making processes more efficient.

To keep track of the latest developments in manufacturing in Cornwall, and to see which companies are investing in new technology and adding workers, check the News section of this website on a regular basis. You can also search the News archives and Resources to have a better understanding of the past development activity.

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