You’ll be in good company

For that last century and a half, Cornwall companies have helped change the world — something that continues to this day.

Traditionally a manufacturing centre, the past 20 years has seen a significant diversification of Cornwall’s economy. Today, the City boasts vibrant retailofficelogistics, and customer service sectors in addition to several strong manufacturing operations.

Cornwall is home to two of Canada’s most significant logistics and distribution operations. Walmart Logistics operates a massive and technologically advanced distribution centre for Walmart in the Cornwall Business Park, as does Shoppers Drug Mart. The Benson Organization supports over 300 locations from its head office and distribution centre. These companies are supported by a variety of award-winning trucking and warehouse companies.

Cornwall’s bilingual workforce and telecommunications infrastructure has attracted several inbound customer support call centres to the City, led by Atelka and Scotiabank with over a hundred employees between them. These call centres, and others like them, have helped to bring new computer and customer service skills to the local workforce.

Cornwall’s manufacturing sector remains an important economic contributor, able to find niche markets through innovation, efficiency, and production quality. Leading international manufacturer Johns Manville uses its Cornwall operation for many new product roll-outs, including the award winning Invinsa and Easyboard insulation products. Surgeons around the world continue to save lives using advanced angioplasty catheters made in Cornwall by NuMED Canada, while Oxy-Arc International is pioneering methods to cut through steel and iron that is more than 4 feet thick. These are just a few examples selected from over 40 local manufacturing success stories.

Retail, government and other office and service companies continue to thrive as they serve the region, country and beyond. One such company is the local engineering office of GENIVAR, with over 100 architects, engineers, geoscientists. The Cornwall office of GENIVAR regularly wins bids to work on some of Canada’s most innovating engineering projects.

Whether it is local jeweller Andre Pommier designing rings for couples in Europe, or the world renowned NAV CENTRE hosting air traffic control trainees from around the world, Cornwall companies are making a difference.

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