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Cornwall is home to an amazing selection of restaurants, and there is something for everyone – from casual to fine dining, from local flavours to tastes from around the world. Many of our restaurants feature local food sourced from area farms!

Fine Dining

Cornwall offers some amazing dining experiences, with talented chefs creating dishes that tantalize the tastebuds. Whether your preference is steak, seafood or something off the beaten path, there will be something for you at Eight Zero Zero, ESCA, Schnitzel’s, Table 21 and Truffles.

Tastes of the World

If you’re looking for a more exotic dining experience, you will want to check out our many restaurants that specialize in Greek, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian and Chinese cuisine. These include places like Thum’s Kitchen, Philos, Tandoor House, Tiny Table, Ruby, Jack Lees and Panda.

Pub & Bistro Fare

Looking to relax with a local brew and perhaps some live music? Check out the Jet Set Pub, the Glengarrian, Winners, Love Love Food,  Dekes and Squeaks, La Maison and Stomping Grounds.


The old-fashioned diner approach to serving breakfast is alive and well in Cornwall. Dozens of restaurants serve up the traditional meal of bacon, eggs and homefries – along with just about any variation you can think of. Start the day out right at Harv’s Diner, Spinners, King George, Zorba’s, Val &Pauli’s Diner and Cora.

Cornwall Pizza

Cornwallites take great pride in their pizza – and for good reason. The city is home to numerous pizzerias that serve up old-fashioned pies that sure to satisfy any appetite. Often imitated but never duplicated, you will want to experience Cornwall’s unique pizza culture with a visit to Riverside, Olympic, Louis’ Pizzeria, North End, The Shack, Roma’s, or Cornwall BBQ.

Familiar Fare

If you’re looking to connect with your favourite chain restaurants we have you covered with East Side Mario’s, Au Vieux Duluth, Boston Pizza, Scores, Shoeless Joes and St. Hubert. Grab a coffee at Starbucks or Tim Horton’s or grab a ‘steamie’ – the Cornwall term for a steamed hot dog—at Billy K’s, Seguin Patate or any number of local chip stands.

Of course, the above is only a sampling of the dozens of unique restaurants that call Cornwall home. Check out the News section for the latest events and developments from local eateries.

You can also read in-depth stories on local restaurants, along with recipes and profiles of local chefs in TASTE magazine. Ask for your free copy by filling out our online request form.

Interested in perhaps establishing your own restaurant in Cornwall? Learn more about the retail landscape by downloading our Commercial Retail Brochure from the Resources section of this website.

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