What makes a city a good place to do business – the answer is different for every company, but all have a few things in common — access to markets, an available workforce, low cost of doing business, and high quality of life. Cornwall has them all in spades. Locating in our community will give you the best chance to succeed — no matter the size of your business.

Success can be measured many ways — but in business it usually comes down to the bottom line. Locating in Cornwall will help you save money, be it through lower rents, a more productive workforce, or quicker access to markets. And that leads to better profits.


Media Cornwall is well served by various locally-based media organizations. Most of these organizations also provide content digitally, and links to their websites have been provided. Newspapers The Standard-Freeholder is... View Article

Community Improvement Programs

Community Improvement Programs Community revitalization is the catalyst for growth from within and a key element in attracting development. The City of Cornwall maintains three programs designed to encourage and... View Article

Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre

Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre Cornwall is a growing community with a strong economy – two essential ingredients for growing a successful small business. Looking to start your own business? The... View Article

Business Reopening Toolkit

Business Reopening Toolkit Each business owner in Cornwall needs to examine their operations and make changes to meet public safety guidelines. Cornwall Economic Development has developed this Business Reopening Toolkit... View Article

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Coronavirus Business Digest for Cornwall In an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, a number of initiatives have taken place that directly affect businesses and employers in Cornwall.... View Article

Medical Recruitment and Scholarship

Medical Recruitment and Medical Scholarship Cornwall has long supported community health care initiatives, especially the recruitment of medical professionals and the ongoing enhancement of community health care assets. There are... View Article

Location advantages

Location Location Location If they had to choose a place to do business anywhere in the world, North America would top most CEO’s lists due to its educated and experienced workforce,... View Article


Success is in our blood For over 150 years, companies have succeeded in Cornwall because of the people that live here. A strong work ethic is deeply ingrained in the local culture that quite... View Article

Financial incentives

Financial Assistance In addition to low cost land, modest development charges and affordable electrical rates, there are a number of financial assistance programs available to companies investing in Cornwall. These programs are available from different levels... View Article


Primed for future development The ability of a community to accommodate investment and growth is not always constant. In many cities across Canada and the world, development constraints can impair... View Article

Real Estate

Land yourself here When a company looks to establish a new facility, the first major cost hurdle is either renting or acquiring land and constructing a new building. At $75,000... View Article

Electrical advantages

Electrical rates in Cornwall are amongst the most affordable in North America, thanks to an 11½ year deal brokered with Hydro Quebec by Cornwall Electric in 2008. Cornwall Rates Decrease... View Article

Development charges

Competitive Development Charges Cornwall is an affordable place to do business – including when it comes to constructing new buildings. Cornwall has one of the lowest development charge schedules in... View Article

Business landscape

You’ll be in good company For that last century and a half, Cornwall companies have helped change the world — something that continues to this day. Traditionally a manufacturing centre,... View Article

Site selection assistance

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Cornwall Business Park

Cornwall Business Park The Cornwall Business Park is located in the eastern part of the city, immediately adjacent to Highway 401. At well over 1600 acres, the Business Park is... View Article



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    “Cornwall Warehousing manages about 800,000 sq.ft. of warehousing space, in addition to currently working on redeveloping a historic waterfront mill into modern office space. We love doing business in Cornwall because everybody works together—including local realtors, contractors, the economic development office and Mayor and Council. It seems that everybody is interested in only one thing: success—and that’s a refreshing attitude.”

    ~ Bill Kaneb