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When a company looks to establish a new facility, the first major cost hurdle is either renting or acquiring land and constructing a new building.

At $75,000 per fully serviced acre, Cornwall has lower business park land costs than many full size cities in North America and Europe.

Several years ago, a KPMG study found industrial land costs in Cornwall to be 41% lower than the average of 42 surveyed cities around the world — and our land costs remain the same low price more than a decade later!

You can also expect savings when it comes to building construction costs. With low development charges, low tipping fees, and experienced, efficient local contractors, the cost to build in Cornwall is amongst the lowest in North America.

Cornwall’s winning combination of low land and low construction costs is complemented by low rental costs for retail, office and manufacturing facilities. Companies can expect to lease space starting at just $3/sq.ft. for manufacturing space and $10/sq.ft. for retail/office space.

Low initial investment costs is a clear advantage that translates into a higher potential return on investment for your company. It also reduces the cash flow burden evident in any new business start-up, the need for financing, and the investment payback timeframe.

Available Buildings

From time to time, there are buildings in Cornwall available for sale or lease. We have created a link to some of these properties on this website. Click on the following links to learn more:

Please note that the above lists may not be absolute as properties sometimes come on/off the market without notice. Contact us with your specific requirements and we will respond with a personalized list of available properties.

Available Land

The City of Cornwall currently has over 300 serviced acres in the Cornwall Business Park.