African Caribbean Distribution Store Opens in Cornwall

December 1, 2022
By Shauna Baggs

Cornwall, Ontario – Cornwall welcomes the first African Caribbean retail store to the west end.

African Caribbean Distribution Cornwall

African Caribbean Distribution has opened a 500 sq ft retail location in the same plaza as Cowan’s Diary on Second Street. The shop offers a wide selection of African and Caribbean grocery, clothing, decorations, utensils, skin care products, hair care products and cultural items.

The new retail store is operated by local owner Golo Silué. Ms. Silué landed in Canada from the Ivory Coast in 2014 and moved to Cornwall in 2019 with her family. She found Cornwall to be the perfect location for her children to attend post-secondary education in Ottawa and Montreal.

“Cornwall is a growing city and a very friendly place,” says Ms. Silué.

The only challenge was finding African and Caribbean grocery items and she found she needed to shop outside of the city to find what she was looking for.

“The African community is growing in Cornwall and area and I wanted to open a shop where our community can find familiar items without having to go to larger centres,” said Ms. Silué.

The former teacher and social worker decided to take the opportunity to open her own store. The African Caribbean Distribution store specializes in items not available in other local grocery stores. Retail space became available in the popular Riverdale location and she opened the doors mid-November.

Customers can now shop for products locally and she will continue to source new products, all with African and Caribbean cuisine and culture in mind.

African Caribbean Distribution is open seven days a week: Monday to Saturday 10:00 am to 7:30 pm, and Sunday, 2:00 pm 7:30 pm. The store is located at 1203 Second Street West, Cornwall.

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