Bee Real Products Growing in Popularity

December 14, 2017
By Josh O'Reilly

Cornwall Ontario – It all started in April of 2012, when Helen Bertrim decided that her children deserved better personal care options.   She has developed deodorants and skin products using local and raw beeswax and essential oils, eliminating the need for water, alcohol and other fillers that can be very toxic.  The same can be said for all of her products which include; makeup, lotions, exfoliants, candles, and lip balms.  She maintains her original goal of creating products that contribute to a healthier self-care regime.

Fast-forward five years to 2017 which has proven to be a breakout year for the company.  Metro Grocery Store showed an interest in their deodorant products which have since been placed in 12 of their locations across Ontario.  Additionally Bee Real Products has opened a retail space in the Leduc Shopping Centre and have started offering Reiki classes.

Getting into the Metro Stores was huge.  Corporate organizations are always a challenge and then you have to be able to deliver the quantity they require in the time frame they request.  But for Bee Real products this was achieved and there is no looking back.

Although her products are now carried across Eastern Ontario, Ms. Bertrim loves working with local partners. Her products have been featured at Physical Limits, Marrow and Spice and the community market in Long Sault. Cornwall is home for Helen, and she couldn’t imagine Bee Real Products operating anywhere else.

With the whirlwind speed at which the company is growing, Bee Real Products has already outgrown its retail space.  She is expecting to move next door to her current location as early as January of 2018, which will add an additional 250 sq. ft.  “I’ll have a designated room for Reiki, a designated room for my workshops and classes and when I get the new space I’ll be able to host candle making workshops and DIY skin care. I’ll be able to have a lot of new classes”

When questioned about the beginnings of her company Ms. Bertrim stated, “My kids were born premature, and naturally were more sensitive to their environment.  I was cautious about what they came in contact with and started researching. Candles were the first thing I researched and discovered they contain a lot of toxins, so I took a candle making course and it snowballed from there.”

What’s in store for Bee Real Products in 2018? Ms. Bertrim is hoping to keep her current momentum going in the new retail space. Along with the new Reiki class offerings, Bee Real Products also anticipates expanding products within her current lines, starting with new colour options for her makeup.

About Bee Real Products

Bee Real Products has a retail location at 373 Eleventh St E, in the Leduc Shopping Centre.

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