Bodystream Opens New Clinic in Cornwall

February 14, 2018
By Josh O'Reilly

Cornwall Ontario – A new medical marijuana clinic has opened in downtown Cornwall.

The Bodystream clinic  is located at 220 Pitt Street and will be the 19th Bodystream location across Ontario..

The clinic aims to facilitate appointments between patient and doctor through the Ontario Telehealth system to assess the need for cannabis as a medication. Following the meeting with the doctor, the clinic then handles the transfer of prescription to a Licensed Provider of cannabis.

Clinic supervisor Christine Thauvette warned that no medication will be stored or distributed at the clinic itself.

“The prescription is sent directly to the Licensed Provider and the order is shipped directly to the patient. This helps ensure that the patient is receiving the proper dosage amounts.”

The preferred way to obtain an appointment from the clinic is a referral from your doctor, however providing proof of your symptoms through official documentation is also accepted. No appointment will be made with a doctor until this information is provided.

The clinic is trying to combat the stigma surrounding cannabis, they hope to reach out to the local community and provide education on the many benefits the alternative medicine can provide. Other Bodystream clinics have seen that seniors are those who benefit most from medicinal marijuana, as it offers them an alternative to opioids for pain management which can have some harsh side effects. Thauvette suggested that new patients are often surprised when they learn that you don’t have to smoke the medication, and it’s often prescribed in pill or oil form.

The clinic will not prescribe to anyone under the age of 25, except for specific circumstances. The appointments offered by the clinic are all covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Cannabis can be used to treat ADHD, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, nausea from cancer treatment and more.

The Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy sawas in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony alongside City Councillor Justin Towndale and Adrian Bugelli from the office of Guy Lauzon.
Office hours for the clinic are Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

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