Busitech Releases New Mobile App QWCollector

July 9, 2013
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – Busitech is a small Cornwall company with a big impact worldwide. The company produces a series of software products under the name Quality Window that are used by companies to manufacture a wide range of products from toothpaste to beer. Busitech’s niche is “finding and fixing problems”, helping manufacturers to consistently reach quality targets.

The company has released a new tool to help manufacturers collect data using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. QWCollector is web-enabled application that allows operators on the plant floor to collect critical process data and deliver it efficiently to managers across a company’s network.

“In any typical operation, data can be collected in a variety of methods, but key data is often collected by human observation and reported by hand,” said Peter Gault, President of Busitech. “QWCollector removes the potential for reporting errors by shortening the distance from observation to reporting to one simple step.”

QWCollector also provides immediate feedback to the operator, indicating if a data result is outside of normal operating parameters.  The operator can then decide to take corrective action before the process gets out of control.  It is this ability to accurately collect and analyze process data that is the hallmark of Quality Window products.

Using a mobile platform, QWCollector offers the benefit of data input at the source, greatly reducing transcription errors. Once inputted, data is sent by QWCollector to a remote Quality Window server on the company’s network. There data can be integrated with data from other sources, including data collected electronically. Quality Window provides dozens of sophisticated analytical tools to allow staff to identify trends and located the source of potential problems.

“Our focus is on helping our clients unlock their data and improve their process, or as we like to say: minimize variation and run to optimum target” says Mr. Gault. “QWCollector is an important step forward as it insures the data collected is both timely and accurate, two important factors in making the right decisions in the fast moving manufacturing environment”.

QWCollector and the suite of Quality Window products are designed for organizations that are looking to maximize efficiency, reduce waste and improve quality. Each product fully supports quality control philosophies such as LEAN, Six Sigma, Deming and more. The products are used by a long list of companies operating in over 70 countries worldwide, including Procter and Gamble. Although championed by manufacturers, Quality Window software can be used in applications at any organization that collects and analyses data, such as utilities, water treatment plants, transportation and logistics companies.

Interested users can register for a free 30-day trial of QWCollector by visiting

About Busitech

Busitech is a privately-owned software company located in Downtown Cornwall. Busitech has been developing software solutions for the manufacturing sector for over 25 years with a focus on one goal: to bring continuous improvement to the world of quality control in manufacturing. Many of the staff are graduates of St. Lawrence College in Cornwall.

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