Cornwall Innovation Centre to Spark Business Growth

April 7, 2017
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – The Cornwall Innovation Centre has opened its doors to considerable fanfare, offering tech oriented entrepreneurs an opportunity to turn their ideas into business success.

“After much work and planning with generous partners and supporters, we’re thrilled to welcome entrepreneurs and innovators to the centre,” said John Rattray, co-chair of the CIC’s Board of Directors.  “It’s time to help participants build their dreams and contribute to the success of their community.”

The Cornwall Innovation Centre is located at the world-class NAV CENTRE, occupying modern office space as well  as offering an innovation ecosystem designed to ignite new ventures and high-growth potential businesses. A wide range of incubator and accelerator activities and services— including business coaching, keynote speaker presentations, shared workspaces and private offices—are available at the centre. These include a Makerspace with the latest technologies for design and prototyping.

You can view an interactive 360-degree photo of the Cornwall Innovation Centre here: 360 Tour

Tony Bailetti, Executive Director of Carleton University’s Lead to Win Program and enthusiastic CIC partner, spoke of the big potential of the centre.

“We’re shooting for five new transnationals each year, each one capable of generating $1 million dollars in three years,” said Dr. Bailetti. “That’s what this community is signing up to do.”

Attending the opening was Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy, Akwesasne Grand Chief Abram Benedict and SDG Warden Jim Bancroft, as well as representatives from Cornwall’s business community, Carleton University, the NAV Centre, the CFDC, St. Lawrence College, the River Institute and Launch Lab.

The Cornwall Innovation Centre also launcehd a new website at, and unveiled its new logo.

“The branding is designed to reflect the qualities of the centre: dynamic, aspirational, boundless connected and supportive,” said Lesley Lang, Executive Director of the Community Futures Development Corporation. “The logo references a rocket thruster, a salute to the powerful, upward trajectory of entrepreneurs who work with the CIC, and a compass, a nod to the CIC’s mentors and supporters who guide entrepreneurs on their journey to success.”

Lead to Win

The CIC’s anchor program is based on Carleton University’s Lead to Win program, named one of the Top 10 accelerator programs in North America. Through this unique offering, participants will be guided to grow their businesses into generating $1 million in revenue in their third year of operation. They will benefit from access to high-level mentorship, capacity development events, early buyer support, funding, IT support, workspaces and on-site wellness amenities.

Upcoming Events

The CIC is currently working to attract candidates for their first Venture Demo Day on April 19, 2017. Eligible entrepreneurs will have their first opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel with the goal of gaining entry into the Lead to Win program. Successful applicants who are accepted into the accelerator program will receive high-level assistance including mentoring, shared workspaces, access to wellness amenities.

On April 26, 2017, the CIC will launch its InnoTalk Series. The first of the free lectures will feature Ewen Reid, founder of Mission Control Space Services and a participant in Carleton’s Lead to Win program. Reid will explore themes of entrepreneurship and innovation, and how to capitalize on opportunities.

About the Cornwall Innovation Centre

The Cornwall Innovation Centre (CIC) helps local entrepreneurs spark, incubate and accelerate their business ideas. It offers a full range of content and programming including classes designed to empower entrepreneurs, talks from business leaders, and inspiration sessions from leading venture builders. The CIC is open to innovators and doers who seek to follow their dreams in building better business solutions and making an impact on the local and global scene.

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