City Seeking Feedback on Residential Rental Licensing

November 2, 2020
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – The City of Cornwall is exploring a Residential Rental Licensing program and is seeking feedback from local residents.

This program would allow the City of Cornwall to register rental units in this community. There is currently limited data on rental units in Cornwall.

Residential Rental Licensing will…

  • Assist the fire department’s emergency response to multi-unit buildings,
  • Assist the by-law department’s property standards enforcement response,
  • Assist City administration to better understand the availability of housing, and the community’s housing needs,
  • Ensure residents are benefitting from safe, high-quality housing,
  • Ensure landlords meet certain standards to ensure the health and safety of residents is protected,
  • Ensure rental units include required essentials such as smoke alarm, plumbing, heating, and water

Your feedback will help City of Cornwall Council and administration. Your answers will be anonymous and considered for internal decision-making efforts only.

Cornwall City Council’s 2019-2022 strategic priorities include creating a “rental licensing registry to enable a database and adherence to applicable by-laws and standards.”

To participate in the survey…

The survey remains open until November 16.

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