Citywide Delivery and Moving Rolling Once Again

February 12, 2019
By Ryan Kuhn

Cornwall Ontario – A respected business name has been revived with the opening of Citywide Delivery and Moving. The name Citywide Delivery was once used by a delivery company that operated from 1984 to 2005.

Citywide Delivery and Moving

The new company is owned by the former owner’s daughter, her husband and their son.

“Citywide Delivery Service was once a viable and reputable local business,” says Barry Denneny. “We inspire to achieve the same and much, much more. I was an employee of my father-in-law’s at one time and I am happy to be an owner/operator now.”

Citywide Delivery and Moving will offer a wide range of residential delivery services for residents looking to connect with local pharmacies, restaurants and complete private transactions such as Kijiji sales and purchases. The company will also provide more in depth moving services in the near future for those looking to relocate to a new dwelling.

“We had no choice but to shut down Citywide Delivery Service when my father passed away,” says Chantal Legault-Denneny. “It is a decision we have regretted these last 12 years. I am thrilled to resurrect my father’s business and add our own flair to it. I can only hope that we can measure up to the level of quality service he offered to his clients.”

Citywide will also offer a number of services to local businesses, including parcel and envelope delivery, bank deposits and even waste management services.

Joining his parents in the new business venture will be Ryan Denneny.

“I am new to the world of business, but I am eager to make Citywide Delivery & Moving a success. I trust that my Pappy would be proud!”

Citywide Delivery and Moving is located on the northern outskirts of Cornwall on South Branch Road. They can be reached by phone at 613-577-WIDE (9433) and online at:

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