Cornwall & the Counties CFDC launches COVID-19 Emergency Loan Program

March 23, 2020
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – The Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development Corporation is launching an Emergency Loan Program to assist local businesses dealing with impacts from efforts to fight COVID-19.

COVID-19 CFDC Emergency Loan Program

The Program will offer micro loans from $2,500 up to $20,000 (and up to $50,000 on exception) to companies who cannot access additional funding through the BDC or their Traditional Bank and need immediate cash injection to cover expenses over the next 3 months. Intake for the program will close Thursday March 26 at 5pm. 

This is a direct response to the radical drop or total loss in sales that the business community is witnessing due to the COVID-19 worldwide health pandemic.

Loans will be at 0% interest for the first 6 months and then a rate of 2.95% will be charged over the remaining term of the loan. Terms range from 3-5 years. No principal payments will be required to be paid for the first 6 months. Loans will be secured by a personal guarantee of the owners. Loans are open and can be paid back at anytime without penalty.

The Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) recognizes that while we are all doing our part to protect our healthcare system, our essential service workers and our most vulnerable community members, it is achieved thanks to great sacrifice by many including our small business owners.

“I hope that this Emergency Loan Program is just the start, we are pushing for more measures,” says Lesley Thompson, CFDC Executive Director. “We need significantly more cash in the hands of business owners so they can avoid long term layoffs, pay their rent, their mortgages, their bills and put food on their families table without going into an unmanageable amount of debt to do so. We hear you and we are fighting for you.”

The Program is active and currently accepting applications until Thursday March 26 at 5pm. To be considered for the program, email CFDC Executive Director, Lesley Thompson at with a summary request of your current financial situation and a budget of what will be required to carry your business over the next 3 months. A member of the loans team will then contact you with the full list of documents required.

In addition to these measures, Cornwall & The Counties CFDC has forgiven interest for all clients for a three-month period and have pre-qualified a 6-month postponement of principal for all clients managing effects of COVID-19.

Due to the limited funds available, businesses that qualify for BDC financing are requested to first attempt to do so.

About Cornwall & The Counties CFDC

Cornwall & The Counties CFDC, through funding from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (Fed Dev Ontario) delivers a wide variety of programs and services to support community economic development and small business growth. It employs local staff and are governed by a volunteer board of directors, made up of residents representing the community.


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