Design Charrette Planned for Cornwall’s Waterfront

November 2, 2018
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – Interested in the development of Cornwall’s waterfront?

Cornwall's Waterfront

The City’s Planning Division is hosting a design charrette event to gather input from residents, businesses, and other stakeholders on their ideas for the future of Cornwall’s waterfront.

The event will take place on November 7th, 2018 from 1:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Cornwall Civic Complex in Salon B.

A design charrette is a collaborative exercise where designs and ideas can be shared in a group setting and recorded to discover and develop a vision and options on a specific design challenge.

“The goal of the design charrette is to collect preliminary and conceptual design ideas to be used as part of the update to Cornwall’s Waterfront Plan,” says Nick Sutherland, Planner.  “Through the planning and design charrette, we will create a preferred waterfront vision that reflects good planning and input from our community and stakeholders.”

A facilitator will structure the discussion and help participants’ record their ideas and comments on base plans of the waterfront. The five location based stations for discussion include:

  1. Guindon Park
  2. Canal Lands
  3. Lamoureux Park
  4. Harbour to College
  5. East Front

Participants can focus on just one location or participate in all five stations.

“We are asking that people come with an open mind and be respectful of one another and their ideas,” says Mr. Sutherland. “We welcome any and all contributions to a positive discussion on the future of Cornwall’s waterfront.”

Background information will be provided at each of the 5 stations so that participants have a base level of understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with each area. Ideas will be discussed and sketches prepared as a group. Participants are encouraged to discuss the merits of the ideas presented or propose their own ideas for incorporation. Forms and sticky notes will also be provided for commenting.

Everyone is invited to participate in the session and may attend anytime between 1:30 and 8:30. There is no set presentation or formal agenda. The public is invited to arrive early and stay all day, or drop in anytime throughout the day to join the conversation. You may also choose to simply observe progress and see the ideas evolve.

The ideas generated and “collected” at the end of the charrette will be used by the consulting team to further develop and refine concepts and recommendations for the waterfront. The ideas developed at the charrette and subsequent refinements will be presented at the next community open house.

About the Waterfront Plan

The entire Cornwall waterfront covers approximately 16 kilometres from Guindon Park in the west to Gray’s Creek Conservation Area in the east. Since 1989, development along the waterfront has been guided by a Waterfront Plan, which is a secondary plan of the the City’s Official Plan. Work began earlier this year to update the Waterfront Plan, which was last updated in 2007.  Planning officials expect to present a new plan to City Council in Spring 2019.

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