Fieldless Farms Introduces An Industry-First Packaging Alternative

July 11, 2023
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – Fieldless has unveiled new packaging for its popular salad mixes – an industry-first for the leafy greens category as a solution to reduce single-use plastics.

Fieldless Farms New Lettuce Box

“We’re proud to be the first to package cut greens this way,” said Fieldless CEO Jon Lomow. “Our goal is to significantly reduce single-use plastics while maintaining a great product experience.”

The new packaging is a first-of-a-kind cardboard-based package for cut greens. The cardboard has a removable plastic sheet that then gets sealed with another sheet of plastic with a “peel and reseal” opening. It reduces the amount of plastic by 90% compared to the conventional plastic clamshell used previously.  The new packaging has even proven to maintain freshness for even longer.

“Food producers continue to rely on plastic since consumers want to see the produce they are buying,” adds Mr. Lomow. “That’s perpetuating a reliance on single-use plastics in grocery retail. Our choice may seem risky from that perspective, but we have to be bold to make a change. We know consumers want less plastic. And thanks to how and where we grow, our consumers know to trust the freshness of our greens.”

While this is a great step forward, there is still room to improve.

“It’s the optimal solution today. We’ll continue to innovate and improve in our mission to deliver food sovereignty, sustainability, and joy for consumers,” says Mr. Lomow.

Fieldless Farms’s Cornwall operation is based in the Cornwall Business Park and grows no-need-to-wash produce using highly-controlled environments, renewable energy, and without herbicides or pesticides. Fieldless Ontario Sweets and Northern Crunch lettuce salad mixes in the new packaging are now available across Farm Boy stores in Ontario.

Fieldless adds mushrooms to its lineup

Earlier this year Fieldless launched a new product – Lion’s Mane mushrooms. The pre-shredded mushrooms, also known as Hericium Erinaceus, are packed with nutritional goodness and have a unique, meaty texture and flavor often compared to lobster or shrimp – perfect for those busy nights when you just need to whip up something nutritious for your family.

About Fieldless Farms

Fieldless Farms is a modern food and Controlled Environment Agriculture company focused on solving food sovereignty and sustainability, based out of Ottawa and Cornwall, Ontario. The company launched in 2019 to displace foreign products and complex supply chains with safer, secure, more sustainable foods that people fall in love with. Fieldless products can currently be found in Farm Boy and independent retailers across Ontario. For more info, visit Fieldless online:

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