Outdoor Activities on the Rise in Cornwall

January 6, 2021
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – Outdoor activities are on the rise in Cornwall, and as many people are discovering, Cornwall is an excellent place to explore our wonderful natural environment.

The Trails at Guindon Park - Cornwall Ontario

“Getting outdoors is a healthy way to get some needed exercise – especially in the lockdown period,” says Jamie Fawthrop, Division Manager of Recreation with the City of Cornwall. “We have improved our city parks to accommodate the increased interest in outdoor recreation.”

Lamoureux Park

Local residents can head down to Lamoureux Park and enjoy the scenic views of the St. Lawrence River during the winter. City staff have been hard at work and have enhanced the park for popular winter activities, including:

  • A new skating rink at the Clock Tower
  • Tobogganing at the Splash Pad
  • Picnic tables
  • Washrooms open for the season at the Splash Pad (8am to 8pm)
  • Cleared and salted walking paths from the Civic Complex to the RCAF Wing
  • Snowshoeing is permitted throughout the Park

The Trails at Guindon Park

The Trails at Guindon Park have become very popular with hiking and mountain biking. As more snow arrives, the main trails will be groomed for cross-country skiing while the new forest tracks will be perfect for snowshoeing and fat bikes. The washrooms at the western edge of the trails are now open 8am-5pm, and cleaned regularly.

Outdoor Rinks

As the weather gets colder, more outdoor rinks are being flooded and will provide the perfect neighbourhood escape for recreational skating.

Other Local Trails

There are several parks and trails in the immediate area that are also popular during the winter. These include the Gray’s Creek Conservation Area (hiking, snowshoeing and fat bikes) and the Summerstown Trails (cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fat bikes).

Gear Up and Connect

New to outdoor recreation? Get the proper gear to enjoy snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking and skating at any of the excellent sport stores and outfitters in the Cornwall area. There are a number of groups in the area where you can connect with other enthusiasts to learn more about the sport.

Outdoor Trail Etiquette

We’re lucky to have easy access to so many beautiful trails in Cornwall. More and more people are getting out and enjoying hiking and cycling, and with this increase in popularity comes some challenges like crowded trails and degraded natural environments. This is why it is important to be respectful to the other people on the trail, to the wildlife, and to the environment.

Follow these simple rules for a safe and enjoyable outdoor activity on local trails.

  • Be courteous and say hello to fellow hikers as you pass each other along the trail.
  • Take out what you take in. Do not litter!
  • Dogs should always be on a 6ft leash. Pick up after your dog.
  • Walk or cycle in single file in the middle of the trail, even when wet or muddy.
  • Stay to the right and pass on the left.
  • If a person is climbing up a hill they have the right of way if you are climbing down.
  • Visit trails in small groups; split larger parties into smaller groups.
  • Unless you are passing someone on a trail, try to maintain a distance between yourself and other hikers.
  • Please avoid walking/snowshoeing/biking on the groomed cross-country ski tracks, as this negatively impacts the experience for our cross-country skiers.
  • Help keep our natural areas natural. Please minimize any disturbance to flora or fauna.

Remember to plan ahead, review trail maps and dress for the weather. Stay safe and stay hydrated!


Local trail conditions along with maps and photos are available on the AllTrails website and app, the latter of which is free to download.

Additional Info

Please remember to keep a distance of 2 metres from people outside of your household. Stay safe!

Additional information is also available on the City website.

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