River Institute Seeking Public Input on St. Lawrence River

November 21, 2018
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – The River Institute is embarking on a new project called ‘The Great River Rapport’ – an ecosystem health report to answer questions from local residents and to provide information on the health of the St. Lawrence River.

Dr. Leigh McGaughey

“This project is like no other,” says Dr. Leigh McGaughey, lead scientist on this project. “We want everyone to be able to access quick facts about river health and  get involved in caring for our shared ecosystem. Based on science and river stories, the The Great River Rapport will be a friendly, interactive product that you can access online and in print.”

The first step is to engage local residents and gather questions, comments and concerns. The River Institute has developed an online survey and feedback form on its website to make it easy for people to have their say. You can access the survey at the following link:

“The public input will allow us to structure The Great River Rapport on the issues that matter most to people,” says Dr. McGaughey. “The Great River Rapport is for everyone: communities and families, as well as scientists, educators, and decision-makers. Visit us online and have your say!”

In early 2019, the River Institute will hold a public workshop to further discuss ideas and to help create the priorities for The Great River Rapport. This will be followed by meetings with scientists and partners to collect and compile the scientific data needed to measure ecosystem health. This process will also help to direct River Institute research programs in areas that need more data and to identify rehabilitation needs.

About the St. Lawrence River

The St. Lawrence River is one of the world’s great rivers. Measuring almost 1200 kilometres, the river flows easterly from Lake Ontario to the Gulf of St Lawrence and Atlantic Ocean. The River has a diverse ecosystem that has long been celebrated by First Nations Peoples. It flows through the traditional lands of the Mohawks of Akwesasne and forms the southern boundary of the City of Cornwall. The river continues to be an important transportation and recreation route to this day.

About the River Institute

The River Institute is a non-profit, charitable research centre located in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Its mandate is research, education and community action relating to large river systems, with a focus on the St. Lawrence River ecosystem. A non-governmental organization, the River Institute works in partnership with a wide variety of individuals, groups, agencies and communities to fulfill its environmental mission.


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