Summerheights Switches Rides

December 17, 2020
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – Golfers will enjoy a new ride at Summerheights Golf Links next summer.

Summerheights Golf Links

The golf course, which is owned by the MacLennan family, has made a significant investment with the purchase of 60 new E-Z-G0 RXV gas powered golf carts.

“Although Summerheights is an easy course to walk, many golfers like the convenience of using a cart,” says Rory MacLennan. “The new technology found in today’s gas carts produce a quieter ride and enhanced fuel efficiency. So, when it came to time to upgrade our fleet, “it was an easy decision”

The E-Z-Go RXV features an electric fuel injection engine that produces the lowest emissions of any gas powered golf cart on the market.  The golf cart provides a refined comfortable ride with more responsive acceleration and stopping performance.  The carts also feature split windshields, club rain covers and USB ports.

The new golf carts represent over $380,000 which is just part of continuing reinvestments made by the MacLennan family moving into the 2021 season.

The 2020 golf season was a good one, despite the pandemic. Golfing is a safe outdoor activity where golfers easily able to self-distance.

“We noticed an increase in day-trip golfers including golfers from throughout the region,” says Mr. MacLennan.  “Golfers were taking the time to drive the extra distance to play.”

Good weather and the Summerheights traditional focus on course maintenance and customer service were also factors.

“Summerheights was in the best playing conditions that we have experienced in years if not ever,” Mr. MacLennan added.   “Our team managed the course impeccably throughout the summer including the drought period.  We look forward to welcoming back golfers in the spring.”

About Summerheights Golf Links

Established in 1962, Summerheights Golf Links is a 36-hole layout, the MacLennan & Matheson Courses on South Branch Road in the north end of Cornwall.  It remains family owned and operated by Rory and Kathy MacLennan.  Daughter Katie and husband Nathan Andrews, (third family generation) are actively involved in the continued family management.   Over the past 58 years, the course has hosted countless tournaments, welcomed celebrities and most of all welcomed golfers to have the opportunity to learn and love the game of golf.

Summerheights was featured in the 2020 Year in Review. You can download the report via this article.

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