Apples and Art – 25 Years of Celebrating the Arts

September 24, 2016
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – The arrival of fall is one of the most colourful events of the year in The Cornwall and Counties. The season dresses in its most vibrant hues while local artists open their creative space to visitors.

This year, more than 60 artists are showcasing their art in 26 different locations throughout the region during the Apples and Art Studio Tour.

“The goal of the tour is to give the residents and visitors of Cornwall and area an opportunity to enjoy art in the spaces where it is actually created,” says Virginia Lake. “It is a chance to meet the artists, to chat, to see their work in a natural setting and enjoy the wellness of visual beauty and friendly company.”

“Our 25th year is bigger and better with more artists and and more sites,” adds Ms. Lake. “People will discover all types of artists who work with paint, ink, clay, fine stones, wood and glass to create original pieces of art.”

One of the artists participating is Pierre Giroux, who has set up his art at the brand new Stomping Grounds Bistro in the historic Cotton Mill district along Cornwall’s waterfront.

“As an artist, I love meeting people and seeing their reaction to my art,” says Pierre Giroux. “I would encourage people to try and get to as many studios as possible. The diversity and excellence of the art on display is simply breathtaking!”

New App for 2016!

A new Apples and Arts app is now available for iPhone and Android smart phone users. Get directions and info on each location and the artists they are hosting from your smartphone, Get yours before we run out!

Saturday and Sunday – 10am to 4pm

The two-day tour stretches from Morrisburg to Alexandria, with numerous stops along the way.

For additional details on studio locations and participating artists, please visit the Apples and Art Tour online:

Artists and Studios – Apples and Art 2016

The Grind, Cornwall

  • Erynn Doherty
  • Heather J. Smith

Cornwall Public Library, Cornwall

  • Carol Oss
  • Ken Muir
  • Virginia Lake

Dempster’s Framework, Cornwall

  • Shari Smelko

Joan Levy Earle Art Studio, Cornwall

  • Joan Levy Earle
  • Lisa Dawn Earle

Ontario Power Generation Visitor Centre, Cornwall

  • Carolyn Davis
  • Carrie Keller
  • Cheryl Beasley
  • Helen James
  • Laura Stevens
  • Suzanne Rowlands

Melting Pot Studio, Cornwall

  • Candice Nixon

Love Yoga, Cornwall

  • Paula McDermid

OBO Studio, Cornwall

  • Anne Wylemans
  • Emily MacLeod
  • Hye Kyung Yun
  • Margot Boucher
  • Misun Kim-Hunter
  • Tracy-Lynn Chisholm

Cailuan Gallery, Cornwall

  • Tracy Croxall-Davis

Just Breathe Art Studio, Cornwall

  • Kathleen Morin

Jane Originals, Cornwall

  • Jane MacMilan

Stomping Grounds Bistro, Cornwall

  • Pierre Giroux

Aultsville Theatre, Cornwall

  • Barbara Darling
  • Brian Thomas
  • John Roulston
  • Libby Cameron
  • Marcel Quesnel
  • Beverly Leroux
  • Claudette Pilon
  • Laura Leah Lindeman
  • Linda Geisel
  • Marleene McWilliam
  • Stephanie St. Denis Kasper

Marlin Orchards, South Glengarry

  • Sherry Heinzle

Martintown Mill, Martintown

  • Brenda Mader
  • Susan Irving
  • Robert (Bob) Taylor

Cynthia Gatien Studio, South Lancaster

  • Cheryl Langford
  • Cynthia Gatien
  • Deirdre Cuggy

Margaret Brown Studio, South Lancaster

  • Margaret Brown

St. Pierre’s Sugar Camp, Lancaster

  • Brian Schofield
  • Gillian Horgan
  • Sindy Leger

Living Sun Glass, Green Valley

  • Samantha Calder

Priest Mill Glassworks, Alexandria

  • Eric Covington

YC Art, Alexandria

  • Bobi (Henriette) Poitras
  • Yvonne Callaway

As You Like It Design, Alexandria

  • Jan Cogley

Thousand Angels Studio, Alexandria

  • Sylvie Juteau

Brenda Kennedy Studio

  • Brenda Kennedy

Native North American Travelling College, Akwesasne

  • David Kanietakeron Fadden
  • Jade Thompson

Elsie Gallinger Studio, Morrisburg

  • Elsie Gallinger

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