Apples and Art Studio Tour Bigger in 2017

September 18, 2017
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – The arrival of fall also heralds one of the more colourful events on the calendar: the Apples and Art Studio Tour.

This year, more than 60 artists are showcasing their art in 26 different locations on Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 4pm.

“The goal of the tour is to give people an opportunity to enjoy art in the spaces where it is actually created,” says Virginia Lake. “It is a chance to meet the artists, to chat, to see their work in a natural setting and to learn more about the creative process – which is unique to each artist.”

“We have more artists this year with more than a third new to the tour,” added Ms. Lake.  “It is going to be a grand weather weekend, so a drive out and around the city will be exciting.  The leaves are changing which always makes the tour more colourful.”

Last year, the Apples and Art Studio Tour was recognized by the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce with the Tourism Excellence Award.

“Local artists were excited by the acknowledgement,” says Ms. Lake.  “Artists impact the community in so many ways. We know that people come from out of town to visit the tour and that in addition to buying art they will also spend dollars on other things like lunch, gift and speciality shops, gas and more.”

The Apples and Art Studio Tour will help people discover a wide variety of artists who work with paint, ink, clay, fine stones, wood, glass and other material to create original pieces of art. An Apples and Arts app is available for smart phone users is free that provides directions and info on each location.

“If you are taking the tour, get a brochure from your first artist, download it from our website or use the app on your phone. Make sure you leave time for lunch and above all else, enjoy the scenery!”

The two-day tour stretches from Morrisburg to Alexandria, with numerous stops along the way.

For additional details on studio locations and participating artists, please visit the Apples and Art Tour online:

Artists and Studios – Apples and Art – September 23 & 24, 2017

  • Elsie Gallinger Studio, Morrisburg
    • Elsie Gallinger, – Oil
  • Shauna Lea Baggs Studio, Long Sault
    • Shauna Lea Baggs, Acrylic – Mixed-Media
  • Ontario Power Generation Visitor’s Centre, Cornwall
    • Cheryl Beasley, Acrylic – Chalk – Pastel – Watercolour
    • Carrie Keller, Oil – Watercolour
    • Miriam Mas, Oil on Canvas
    • Ian Shantz, Bone – Stone – Metal – Wood Carving
    • Laura Stevens, Mixed Media
  • Rurban Brewery, Cornwall
    • Erynn Doherty, Acrylic – Photography
  • Love Yoga, Cornwall
    • Paula McDermid, Acrylic – Beads
  • Cailuan Gallery, Cornwall
    • Marc Carierre, Stained Glass – Paintings
    • Tracy Davies, Acrylic – Mixed Media
    • Roxanne Delage, Multi-Media – Textile
    • Beatrice Dumbreck, Watercolour – Acrylic – Oil – Sculpture
    • Wilma Erickson, Acrylic – Mixed Media
    • Sylvie Labrecque, Colour Pencils – Acrylic
    • Jason Sauve, Oil – Ink
    • Sandra Taylor-Hedges, Acrylic – Mixed Media
    • Jade Thompson, Acrylic – Acryl-Gouache – Ink
  • Jane Macmillan Studio, Cornwall
    • Jane Macmillan Watercolour – Pen & Ink
  • The Grind Café & Wine Bar, Cornwall
    • Virginia Lake Ink-Coloured Marker
    • Jacqueline Milner Acrylic – Mixed Media – PhotographyPuppet Show at 11:30 and 14:00. Come see Isa Jo and Lilli
  • OBO Studios, Cornwall
    • Margot Boucher, Watercolour – Acrylic
    • Tracy-Lynn Chisholm, Acrylic
    • Emily MacLeod, Oil – Mixed-Media
    • Shari Smelko, Oil
    • Heather J Smith, Mosaics – Jewellery
  • Clo’s Art Studio, Cornwall
    • Claudette Pilon, Acrylic – Oil
  • Stomping Grounds Bistro, Cornwall
    • Pierre Giroux, Oil – Watercolour – Mixed Media
  • Elaine’s Batiks, Cornwall
    • Elaine Arkwright, Batik
  • Just Breathe Art Studio, Cornwall
    • Kathleen Morin, Acrylic on Canvas
  • Aultsville Hall, Cornwall
    • Libby Cameron, Pastel – Pen & Ink – Watercolour – Acrylic
    • Terrie Chedore, Acrylic – Pastels
    • Barbara Darling, Oil – Watercolour – Acrylic
    • Betty Greenhalgh, Watercolour – Oil – Acrylic – Mixed Media
    • Helen James, Oil – Watercolour – Acrylic
    • Bev Leroux, Acrylic – Watercolour
    • Ken Monk, Watercolour
    • Carol Oss, Watercolour – Acrylic – Pastel
    • Marcel Quesnel, Oil
    • Suzanne Rowlands, Acrylic – Encaustic – Powertex
  • Desnoyers Art Expressions, Glen Walter
    • Rose Desnoyers, Oil – Watercolour
  • Salem United Church, Summerstown
    • Lynne Ayers, Photography – Acrylic
    • Janet Harris Timms, Oil
  • Cynthia Gatien Studio, Lancaster
    • Deirdre Cuggy, Acyrlic
    • Cynthia Gatien, Acyrlic
    • Cheryl Langford, Acyrlic
  • Margaret Brown Studio, Lancaster
    • Margaret Brown, Pottery
  • The Millinery at Cornerstone Farm, Green Valley
    • Mitch Corriveau, Natural Fibres – Felting – Needlework
  • Living Sun Glass Studio, Green Valley
    • Brian Schofield, Wood
    • Samantha Calder, Stained Glass
  • Studio JANO, Alexandria
    • Jeanne Bougie-Desjardins, Acrylic on Canvas
    • Darleen Varley, Watercolour
  • Priest’s Mill Arts Centre, Alexandria
    • Leanne Baldwin, Fabric – Mixed Media
    • Edwina Billyk, Clay & Paint
    • Eric Covington, Glass
    • Susan Irving, Acrylic – Oil – Watercolour – Mixed Media
    • Brenda Sutton, Mader Clay – Pottery
    • Jenny McDonald, Leaves
    • Clifford Parsons, Stained & Kiln-Formed Glass
    • Margaret Szlachcinska, Oil – Soft Pastel
  • The Quirky Carrot, Alexandria
    • Betty Healey, Acrylic
  • As You Like It, Alexandria
    • Jan Cogley, Costume – Textile
    • Lesley Orr, Acrylic
    • Bobi Poitras, Acrylic
  • Thousand Angels Studio, Alexandria
    • Sylvie Juteau, Sculpture Metal
    • Andre Racette, Sculpture Metal

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