Apples And Art Studio Tour On September 27-28

September 16, 2014
By Bob Peters and Kevin Lajoie

Cornwall Ontario – Dozens of artists in Cornwall and SDG will be opening their creative spaces and sharing their passion for art during the 23rd annual Apples and Art Studio Tour.

The event will see 37 different artists showcasing and discussing their work at 19 different locations throughout Cornwall and The Counties on Saturday, September 27th and Sunday, September 28th.

The goal of the tour is to give the residents and visitors a chance to enjoy art in the spaces where it is actually created. It’s an opportunity to meet the artists, to chat, to see their work in a natural setting and enjoy the wellness of visual beauty and friendly company.

Participants will discover all types of artists who work with paint, ink, clay, fine stones, wood and glass to create original pieces of art.

“SDG has great talent.  We have a mature artistic base to expand from,” said Virginia Lake, a member of the Apples and Art Studio Tour organizing committee.  “Many artists on the tour this year have been successfully showing and selling their work for many years. They have evolved using mixed and multi facade media to bring life to canvas, shape and material.”

The two-day tour stretches from Ingleside to Dalkeith, with numerous stops along the way in Long Sault, Cornwall, Summerstown, Lancaster and Alexandria. The participating studios are open from 10 am to 5 pm both days and will be identified with bright red apple signs.

For additional details on studio locations and participating artists, please visit the Apples and Art Tour online:


Participating Studios and Artists

  • Fused Elements Ltd. – 47 Hickory Street, Ingleside
    • Patricia Pichette
  • Mehndi Glass – 5645 County Rd. 15, Long Sault
    • Lesley McDougall
  • Micheline Tanguay Creations – 900 Riverdale Avenue, Cornwall
    • Micheline Tanguay
  • Melting Pot Studio – 1307 Notre Dame Street, Cornwall
    • Candice Nixon
  • Le Tot Spot – 220 Second Street West, Cornwall
    • Paula McDermid
    • Kim MacLennan
  • OBO Studio – 44 Pitt Street, Cornwall
    • Emily MacLeod
    • Tracy Lynn Chisholm
    • Anne Wylemans
    • Hye Kyung Yu
    • Margot Boucher
    • michelle c. fecit
    • MiSun Kim-Hunter
    • Pierre Giroux
  • The Art Gallery (TAG) – 168 Pitt Street, Cornwall
    • Jane Macmillan
    • SooZ Jillette
    • Chalkmaster Dave
    • Adrien Piette
    • Beyond Clarity Photography
  • Waas Studio on Baldwin – 421 Baldwin Avenue, Cornwall
    • Rivka Waas
  • Desnoyers Creations – 18245 Tyotown Road, South Glengarry
    • Rose Desnoyers
  • Marlin Orchards – County Road 2, South Glengarry
    • Paullette Poirier
    • Elegance in Wood
  • Image-ine Photography – 19166 Hay Road, Summerstown
    • Jacqueline Milner
  • Mystic Meadow Studio – 6756 Pilon Point Road, Summerstown
    • Virginia Lake
    • Carrie Keller
  • Margaret Brown – 20386 Old Montreal Road, South Lancaster
    • Margaret Brown
  • Cynthia Gatien Studio – 20369 Old Montreal Rd., South Lancaster
    • Cynthia Gatien
    • Cheryl Langford
  • Delma Enterprises and Research Studio – 20015 Beaupre Road, Green Valley
    • Carolyn H Davis
  • The Quirky Carrot Café – 1 Main Street South, Alexandria
    • Betty Healey
  • Priests Mill Visual Arts – 8 Main Street South, Alexandria
    • Eric Covington
    • Samantha Calder
    • Barbara Bracken
  • 3 Tier Laser Engraving and Gallery – 45 Main Street North, Alexandria
    • Brenda Sutton Mader
  • Dalkeith Historical Society Chapel Museum – 1841 Dalkeith Road, County Road 23
    • Maggie Dean
    • Wendy Tillett

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