Looking for a great road trip in Eastern Ontario?

June 12, 2024
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – Looking to get out of the big city and explore?  Look no further than Cornwall and SDG for a great road trip.

Local Roadtrip Week - CTV Morning Live - Cornwall

That was the message that Kevin Lajoie from Cornwall Tourism delivered to the viewers of CTV Morning Live Ottawa this morning.  In a video segment that is also available online, Mr. Lajoie touted the many things to see and do in the area to the 2 million+ audience in CTV’s coverage area.

“Cornwall offers so much to the day tripper from great food and shopping to cultural experiences,” said Mr. Lajoie. “There is also lots to explore in the United Counties of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry which surrounds Cornwall.”

Cornwall is located just one hour southeast of Ottawa, and a short drive west of Montreal. The city sits on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, which offers amazing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

“We have perhaps the best part of the Waterfront Trail – offering over 40 km of traffic free pathways along the river,” said Mr. Lajoie. “It is very popular with cyclists of all ages, and of course the river itself is world-renowned for fishing and recreational boating.”

The segment is part of CTV Morning Live’s Road Trip Week, and was hosted by Rosey Edeh of CTV Morning Live  You can view the segment via this link:

Looking for more info on Cornwall and SDG? Check out the following:

Calendar of Events

A busy schedule of summer events kicks off this week with a car show in Lamoureux Park. You can find all of the events listed on the online Calendar of Events from Cornwall Tourism.

Riverside Trail

Whether you’re looking for a fun family ride or a challenging off-road adventure, Cornwall is a great destination for your next cycling outing.

Cornwall’s Riverside Trail is one of the best parts of the world famous Waterfront Trail. Enjoy dedicated paved trails right along the St. Lawrence River with easy access to restaurants, shops, attractions and more! Free public parking is available for cyclists tin the Complex parking lot, and bike rentals are available at the nearby Marina 200.

Check out the Cornwall Tourism Cycling Page for all you need to plan your next cycling adventure, including maps, parking options, itineraries and more.

Visitor Guide

Looking to plan a longer trip? Pick up your copy of the 2024 Cornwall & SDG Visitor Guide at the Cornwall Tourism Info Kiosk at the Cornwall Civic Complex.

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