TILLY’S Re-Opens Under New Leadership

June 9, 2023
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – One of Cornwall’s most popular bistros is reopening under new leadership.

Tilly's Eatery Cornwall Ontario

Established in 2019, Tilly’s Eatery and Coffee Shop quickly became a “go-to” place in Downtown Cornwall under the direction of owner and chef Carol Ann Breedyk. The welcoming smiles, the delicious aromas of great coffee and honest to goodness good food, Tilly’s was like a big, warm hug from your Grandma. Carol Ann and her partner Diane Matthiesen worked so hard to create a charming atmosphere where everyone could just be together in humour and love.

On June 12 a new chapter will begin as respected local business person Debbie Burns takes over the reins at Tilly’s.

“We are so honoured to have been asked to take over Tilly’s,” says Debbie Burns, who with the support of her family will be carrying on business as usual.

Ms. Burns is no stranger to the hospitality industry as she has spent over 40 years working in restaurants – including running her own coffee and gift shop.

“I was fortunate to have worked alongside legendary chef Joe Aiello – my friend and mentor for so many years”.

Together Joe and Debbie served the community at Porto Bello, Cornwall Golf & Country Club, OEITO, Creg Quay, Moustache Joe’s and then finally opening the Coffee Shop at the McConnell Medical Centre. Sadly, Joe passed 2 years ago but his spirit lives on.

“Moving to the Downtown has been a dream of mine for a while now,” says Ms. Burns. “I feel like I’ve been working my whole life to get to this spot and there is no better place to be than the corner of Pitt and First. There is such a great vibe along the strip and so many great things happening at this time. With the renovations at the Cornwall Square, new businesses opening in the Downtown and the work on Prime Square taking shape….this is the perfect time to have made the leap.”

Debbie Burns is also well known in the community as the organizer of a long-running series of trunk sales that have helped artisans connect with consumers, and in the process help raise over $350,000 for local charities.

When you walk into Tilly’s starting on June 12th, you will find that it’s still the same warm space that you have grown to love. Ms. Burns and her team will be serving up delicious coffee, fresh baked goods, hearty soups and sandwiches and so much more in the cozy atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

A new addition for Tilly’s will be a retail display of carefully curated gourmet food and gift items.

“Over the last couple of years our little Coffee Shop at the McDonnell Medical Centre evolved into a gourmet food and gift shop and we are bringing that element over to Tilly’s,” says Ms. Burns. “Come for the food, stay for the company and treat yourself to a unique gift item.”

Tilly’s is located at 101 Pitt Street and will be open from Monday to Friday from 8am until 2pm. You reach them by phone at 613-330-5225 or online at:

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