Fieldless Farms Joins Lazaridis ScaleUp Program

November 7, 2022
By Bob Peters

Cornwall Ontario – Fieldless Farms, one of Cornwall’s fastest growing companies, has been selected for the eighth cohort of Lazaridis ScaleUp.

Fieldless Farms Cornwall

Every year, Lazaridis ScaleUp selects 10 companies to help accelerate their growth through access to a global network of experts for working sessions and mentorship, and inclusion in peer groups that span the country. The program is run by the Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises at Wilfrid Laurier University.

“We are honoured and exited that Fieldless was selected for the ScaleUp program,” says Fieldless Farms CEO Jon Lomow.  “I’m taken by the incredible quality of the mentors, speakers, and companies. If you’re a Canadian company looking to scale and you are looking for insights, you need to connect to the Lazardis Institute.”

Fieldless Farms’s Cornwall operation is based in the Cornwall Business Park and grows no-need-to-wash leafy greens using highly-controlled environments, renewable energy, and without herbicides or pesticides. The company is expanding its production in order to meet increasing demand for its Ontario Sweets and Northern Crunch lettuce at Farm Boy and other independent grocers.

The Lazaridis Institute supports Canada’s entrepreneurial sector through research and programs focused on rapid growth and innovation. In the six years since the program began, ScaleUp companies have raised over $2 billion in funding and have created more than 4,000 jobs. These companies are a testament to the innovation, drive and global reach of Canadian tech.

“Despite the economic downturn and the slowing of the venture capital market, our selection panel heard from an impressive variety of tech-enabled companies who are solving today’s problems in increasingly efficient and innovative ways,” said Karen Tscherner, interim managing director of the Lazaridis Institute. “We believe the 10 companies selected truly represent the way forward for our country.”

The selected companies cover a range of sectors, including real estate investment, EV charging software, workplace management, mental health, agritech, life insurance, engineering design and more:

  • Agency Analytics, Toronto
  • Altrio, Toronto
  • ChargeLab, Toronto
  • CoLab, St. John’s
  • Connect&Go, Montreal
  • Fellow, Ottawa
  • Fieldless Farms, Cornwall
  • Headversity, Calgary
  • PolicyMe, Toronto
  • Uvaro, Kitchener

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